1 piece 2V and 250mA solar panel

1 piece 2000mA NiMH rechargeable battery 

Double sided and sealed FR4 pcb 

LED brightness minimum of 5.000 mCa 

Possibility to have 1 LED on each side and 2 LEDs in total 

On each side 4 pieces total 8 pieces highly retroreflecting cats eyes with a diameter of 10mm 

All electronic components to be assembled and applied in SMD format 

LEDs have an illumination angle of +/- 7,5˚ (15˚)

Long lifetime of LEDs 100.000 hours ~ 12 years 

IP 68 waterproof

Dimensions: 115mm (length) x 110mm (width) x 23mm (height)

Weight: 300g ± 10g

  • Solar road studs are used on roads or intersections to increase traffic safety. Especially on areas with limited visibility, at night or during rain solar studs provide guidance for road users. The solar road marker is charged during day by daylight (sunlight) and starts shining if daylight falls below certain levels in the evening. The marker works with an integrated rechargeable battery and does not require any additional power supply. The main advantage of the marker is the combination of active light and highly efficient reflectors. The LEDs shine permanently when activated at night and are supported by highly reflecting cats eyes.


  •  Marker consists of an integrated solar panel, rechargeable battery and integrated electronics. Marker is charged by solar energy during day and is activated automatically during evening hours when it gets dark outside. Marker provides high visibility in poor weather conditions by the combination of active light (LED) and cats eyes retroreflective light. Marker is able to supply the LED with full battery up to 3 days without recharging Highly pressure resistant ABS body structure allows the usage in areas with high traffic density or heavy loads Optionally one-directional or bi-directional LED layout with LED colors red, amber, white, green or blue LED colors Easy and fast installation with two dowels and screws


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